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Performance driven style- this is the core concept of our brand, and guiding principle of our design process. We have a preference for natural fibres, for the touch, comfort and sustainability.One way we have find the alchemy that combines the merits of cotton and the performance we ask of our products is through 3XDRY® finishing technology from Schoeller ®, Switzerland. This Bluesign® certified finish allows the exterior of a natural textiles to be water repellent, while the inside absorbs moisture and quickly distributes it over the surface.

As a result, the pieces we make with 3XDRY® finishing dry much faster and are even more comfortable to wear across a wide range of conditions

Dry on the outside. Dry on the inside. Dry in a flash. 3XDRY® is a textile finishing technology that combines two functions into one textile. Pure alchemy.

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